Friday, September 28, 2012

Mud Pies

We have had these tomato plants in pots all summer long and although mid-august is pretty late for putting in a garden we decided to go ahead and plant them--hoping we could get a few more tomatoes this year.  Honestly I have only had a couple because Lily loves to go out in the evening and eat them right off the vine.

While Nate was trying to plant them our little Water Lily was having fun with the water and mud.  She kept getting stuck in the mud and would start crying a little when she couldn't get her foot to move.  She wanted me to pick her up--but come on she was muddy and wet so I just took pictures instead.  It was quite funny to watch her try to maneuver. After I got her cleaned up a little I picked her up and put her in a warm tub.

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