Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving this year, although small we were together.  This year has been full of firsts and this was our first Thanksgiving without Grandma Obershaw.  We stayed home for the first time in forever and I got to use my new kitchen.  The double ovens and warming drawer are awesome.

Yes those are toes on the table--we kept it pretty casual this year.




It was also Nate's Birthday over the weekend.  I sort of love that he always wants an icecream cake--that means I never have to make it!

Everytime Lil sees this photo she says Hap Birsda Daddy!

While we were singing to Nate you could tell that Lily thought the festivities were for her--good thing Dad was willing to share the fun of blowing out the candles...


Lily found a cozy spot to hang out and play with her sticker book.

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