Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Dresses

Here we are in our Easter Dresses.  I actually purchased mine a couple of years ago for a friends wedding. I picked up Lily's for someones wedding who was planning on having raspberry and tangerine for their colors.  Not naming names here, but they ended up eloping so we decided to use the dress for Easter.  I was getting ready and Nate asked if I was going to wear my matching dress.  I thought that was cute of him to think about it so I went for it.  I mean how many more Easter's will there be when she will think it is fun to match with mom. Nate wore his orange tie so we looked very matching at church.  I wish we would have thought about getting a photo with him and Lily too, but we were rushing to get to church.

She put her Easter hat on by herself--I love how it is way back on her head!

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  1. I cant believe you didn't get those dresses at the same time! They match perfectly! Love all the blog posts.