Friday, April 5, 2013

President's Day Ouchie

Since Nate and I were off work we thought it would be fun to take Lily to a trampoline park and jump. She had been with Malorie several times and had a lot of fun so we went for it.  We were there about 45 minutes and close to leaving.  I had been jumping with Lily and needed a break so I tagged out.  Lily and Nate were jumping and somehow Lil hurt her ankle.  I saw her sitting and crying and usually this is brief, but when I saw the look on Nate's face and they were still not moving after a few minutes I headed out.  Once we got off the trampolines and had her try to walk on it she screamed and couldn't put any weight on it.  We were getting ready to go and she just kept pointing at other activities she had not been able to get to yet.

So we let her ride the elephant and then we left.  We ended up going into the doctor and of course she screamed the entire time because of her Dr anxiety.  Since Nate and I were scheduled to leave the next day for a 2 day work meeting he wanted us to take her over for X-rays.

Lily got right up on the table and laid down, but the technician took so long that she started getting nervous and just wanted to get down.  I ended up sitting on the X-ray table with her and Nate held her foot in place by force so we could get the X-ray done.  Luckily nothing was broken.  Just a bad sprain.  She wore a wrap for about a week and had to miss her weekly classes, but she felt better the next week.

It is no fun when little ones get hurt this young and there is not much you can do for them to make them feel better.

After a long day between the Dr visit, the X-rays, and back to the doctor to learn how to wrap her ankle--we were all ready for bed.

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