Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dance Concert 2013

Lily performed in her very first dance concert in May this year.  Now you really know how behind I am in getting things posted.  As an official dance mom I now have a huge appreciation for everything I put my mom through all those years, but I also understand now why she did it.

I watched an online tutorial that showed some tips and tricks for getting makeup on a squirmy toddler which was helpful.

She had 2 full dress rehearsals and 5 performances.  It was an exhausting week and we were sure glad to be finished with it.

Lily looked darling in her costume and danced her little heart out--even if she didn't stay on her spot or do the dance as it was intended.  She did awesome for being the littlest one out there and stole the show. If it wasn't apparent earlier we know for sure that this little girl does not fear anything.

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