Monday, December 9, 2013

Gems from my flower

This weekend has been filled with fun things from Lily.  On Sunday morning we were eating eggs. toast and bacon for breakfast.  I was trying to get Lily to eat her eggs so I sectioned off about half of them and told her she needed to eat all the eggs on this side of her plate.  She took back her fork and proceeded to move all the eggs to the other side of her plate, smiled at me and said, "now that's better mommy."

She was "helping" me with the dishes dressed in her night gown, fuzzy slippers and crown.  I love how she approaches everything with style.  Later in sacrament she was chilling in her shades--photos to come later...

At church they have started to take the nursery kids who are turning 4 into singing time to get them ready for sharing time.  I was told by the teacher that there was a lot of interpretive dancing in the aisle happening.  While waiting for sacrament to start I was talking to Lily about how in church we sing the songs and don't dance.  She said to me, " No mommy the kids can sing and then they can watch me dance." Good luck Sunbeam teachers!

She said 2 prayers yesterday all by herself, here is her night prayer, "Heavenly Father, Thank you for Malorie, thank you for Katie, thank you for Mom and Dad, thank you for my bed, thank you for Jesus Christ, Amen."  It reminded me that all our prayers should be prayers of thanks!

PS at the dinner prayer mom and dad were in first place--not sure how we got knocked out by the 2 nannies.

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